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Delavan Lake Organizations

•  Delavan-Delavan Lake Historical Society
•  Delavan Lake Improvement Association
•  Delavan Lake Sanitary District

Educational Topics

* Addiction Center
•  Alcohol Server Certificate

  Board of Review
Consumer Affairs - Student Loan Reference
Consumer Dangers
*  Consumer Safety

Dangerous Prescription Drugs
Drug Dangers

•  Emerald Ash Borer
•  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Your Home
•  Home Lighting
Invasive Species
*  Nursing Home Abuse Center

•  Open Meetings Law
Pest Control - Consumer Affairs
Recall Report
•  Serving Alcohol.com
STIHL Chain Saw Recall
•  Wisconsin DOT - Traffic Safety
•  Your Car's Carbon Footprint

Federal Government Agencies

* Department of Defense (all about the DOD)
* Federal Voting Assistance Program
* Homeland Security (Natural Disaster, Domestic Terrorism, Man-Made Events)
* US Federal Government Agencies A - Z

Fire/Emergency Safety

*  Burn Prevention & Safety Tips
*  Burns: First Aid for Pets
Disaster Prep on a Budget 
*  Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes
*  Fireplace and Chimney Problems, Tips & *  Prevention
*  Fire Safety for Kids: Sparky the Fire Dog    
* Home Fire Escape Plan
*  Open Campfire Safety Rules
*  Home Fire Safety for Older Adults

Healthy Living

•  Adverse Affects of Smoking and Running
American Lung Association
Dangerous Drugs
*  Mesothelioma (Asbestos)
*  Mesothelioma Guide
•  Quit Day
•  Quit Smoking Community
Short and Long Affects of Smoking
Tobacco Free Life


•  Accurate Assessor
•  GovPayNet (Tax Payment 1st or Full Payment Only)

Pet/Animal Health

Autism - Dog Assistant Resources
Foster a Pet
Help with Veterinary Bills
Help with Veterinary Costs
Pet Emergency Plan
Service Dogs For Veterans Program
Shopping Green for your Pet

Walworth County

•  Walworth County GIS Portal
•  Walworth County Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes
•  Walworth County Website

Wisconsin Government Agencies

•  Legal & Law Enforcement Office Locations, Hours, & Phone Numbers 
•  Local Government Center UWEX
•  Local Government Institute
•  National Association of Towns and Townships
•  State of Wisconsin Portal
•  Voter Registration Online myvote.wi.gov
•  Wisconsin Agency List
•  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
•  Wisconsin Department of Revenue
•  Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT)
•  Wisconsin Government Elections Commission (WEC)
•  Wisconsin State Statutes
•  Wisconsin Towns Association
•  Wisconsin Urban Forestry
•  Wisconsin Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit