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To:                  Town Board Members

From: John Olson, Town Administrator

Date:   July 18, 2014    



Please take time to read this week’s Friday Memo- -a general recap of the week and upcoming news.  As always, should you like more information, I ask that you call the office, e-mail or stop in.  Thanks for your continued support. 



  1. At Tuesday’s Board Meeting, you awarded the low bid of $24,890 to Stewart Excavating to demo the old Del-Aqua Apartments. 
  2. You also approved the proposal for $50,000 for a Watershed Plan for Delavan Lake that will be used to assist with future grant applications/projects: “The Project Team of Berrini & Associates, LLC and Northwater Consulting propose to develop a Watershed Based Plan for the Delavan Lake watershed that is designed to improve and water quality by reducing and controlling nonpoint source pollution, while providing long term water quality protection to Delavan Lake in addition to existing and proposed structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) at the Mound Road Ponds and at Brown’s Channel.  The Plan will include identifying specific sources of nutrient and sediment loading and recommend specific BMPs for future implementation; it shall be consistent with USEPA and WDNR watershed based plan guidance and will address all nine elements of a Watershed Based Plan.”     
  3. The Board also expanded their definitions of properties subject to Room Taxes to include Short Term Rentals.  “The use of any building or structure as a Short Term Rental is deemed to be its primary use if such building or structure is used by or made available for use by the public as a Short Term Rental for more than 45 nights in any consecutive 90 day period.”
  4. Asphalt Contractors plan to begin their work on roads beginning August 4 and through the end of August.       
  5. All Assessed Values for the Town are available online at accurateassessor.com. 
  6. The Highway Shop is a “free drop-off site” for Waste Oil that is used for heating purposes.  We are currently in low supply.
  7. Enjoy your weekend!    






Meetings next week:  None scheduled at this time