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To:                  Town Board Members

From: John Olson, Town Administrator

Date:   November 21, 2014    



Please take time to read this week’s Friday Memo- -a general recap of the week and upcoming news.  As always, should you like more information, I ask that you call the office, e-mail or stop in.  Thanks for your continued support. 



  1. The Police & Fire Commission recently appointed Ray Clark as Police Chief subject to reaching an agreement on compensation and benefits with the Town Board.  There is a Special Board Meeting scheduled for next Tuesday at 6:00pm to negotiate on compensation and benefits.  Special thanks to Scot Stefanczyk for his service as acting Chief.    
  2. Public Works Compensation will also be an agenda item for the Special Board Meeting on Tuesday.
  3. The proposed Rental Inspection Ordinance will be delayed and discussed again at the December 8 Committee of the Whole before final consideration and vote planned for the December 16 Board Meeting.  The inspection details need to be worked out and negotiated with Independent Inspections.    
  4. The DOT did confirm their plans to attend the December 8 COW for a Hwy. 50 project update.
  5. Rich Scholze has been in communication with our former assessor’s attorneys who are requesting possible future mediation on our claim.  Board Members may need to go through depositions, but I mostly anticipate myself and Ryan to be formally  deposed/questioned.
  6. All Assessed Values for the Town are available online at accurateassessor.com.    
  7. The Highway Shop is a “free drop-off site” for Waste Oil that is used for heating purposes.  We are currently in low supply.
  8. Enjoy your weekend and a Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your families!  Town Hall will be closed next Thursday and Friday.          







Meetings next week:  Special Board Meeting, Tuesday at 6:00pm