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To:                  Town Board Members

From: John Olson, Town Administrator

Date:   October 30, 2014    



Please take time to read this week’s Friday Memo- -a general recap of the week and upcoming news.  As always, should you like more information, I ask that you call the office, e-mail or stop in.  Thanks for your continued support. 



  1. 2015 Budget Information has been finalized and notices prepared.  The Tax Levy will increase a little under 2% and slightly raise the estimated Mill Rate for the Town from 2.62 to 2.68/1K of Assessed Value.  You are also planning on increasing debt to finance the purchase of a new Plow Truck (160K) and Fire Truck (545K).  A detailed spreadsheet is available to anyone to pick up at Town Hall and can be e-mailed as well.  The Budget Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, November 11 beginning at 6:00pm at Town Hall.
  2. Working with Geneva Landings on the Borg Dam ownership issue.  An updated survey shows part of the dam is on their property.  They are considering dedicating this property to the Town to avoid possible future liability.
  3. McGrath Consulting will be attending the November COW to give a verbal report and discussion on their Fire Dept equipment/operation study.  The Final Draft has already been e-mailed to you and you have written copies placed in your mailboxes.
  4. All Assessed Values for the Town are available online at accurateassessor.com.  No objections filed at Board of Review this year. 
  5. The Highway Shop is a “free drop-off site” for Waste Oil that is used for heating purposes.  We are currently in low supply.
  6. The Plan Commission will not meet next week.
  7. I will be out of the office tomorrow and don’t forget to vote next Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend!        






Meetings next week:  Admin, Monday at 4:00pm

                                     Police & Water Safety, Monday at 5:30pm

                                     Park & Tourism, Tuesday at 5:30pm

                                     Public Works, Wednesday at 1:15pm

                                     Lake Committee, Wednesday at 7:00pm

                                     Fire & Rescue, Thursday at 7:00pm