Inlet Dredge Project

Information about the Town of Delavan Inlet Dredging Project

The Project, as planned, will result in the removal of approximately 45,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment from the 3,000 ft. navigational channel (red) and the adjacent near shore area, located upstream of the Route 50 bridge. The width of the channel and near shore dredging area (yellow) will range from 85 to 250 feet. The entire area will be hydraulically dredged to a maximum depth of 5 feet within the navigational channel or to the hardpan bottom in the shallow near shore area. The lower portion of the channel within 700 feet of the bridge will be dredged to a maximum depth of 6 feet in order to improve dredging efficiency and to extend the life of the restoration project.
HDR Engineering, Inc. designed the project and assisted the Town in acquiring the necessary regulatory permits. Peter Berrini of HDR’s Springfield, IL office is the Project Manager.

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