November 6th, 2018 Referendum

Our firefighters need your vote.

Our deteriorating 45-year-old firehouse is beyond repair and must be replaced with a new, modern building that can support our lifesaving response and fire rescue services. As a community, we’ve already made a considerable investment in state-of-the-art equipment. We need an equally specialized fire station to house our gear, and our dedicated volunteers. A review of the facility has been conducted by a certified engineering firm. 

Why repair isn't a fiscally responsible option:

  • Interior decay and rot of the structure

  • Decay through the base of the building

  • Safety issues due to deterioration throughout building

  • Structural instability issues within the entire building

  • Declining building is insufficient and doesn’t meet the needs of the community

  • Concrete drainage problems

  • Roof is in dire need of replacement

Tax increases are always a hot topic. We get it. So, below we’ve highlighted some important information about the Town of Delavan and the reasons we are proposing the construction of a new main firehouse. We hope to be as open, and clear in our communications with the community as possible. Please contact us if we can answer any more questions. 

Town of Delavan Fire and Rescue Department


How old is the main fire station?
The main station located at 5698 Town Hall Road (Station 1) was built in 1973.


What code-related concerns will be addressed with this project?

New building codes will provide for flood protection, address ADA access restrictions and barriers, provide automated sprinklers, and bring the Town into compliance with all Occupational Safety and Infection Control Procedures


What other concerns will be addressed with this project?

The project will provide storage space for our ladder truck, large equipment, airboat, administrative space, a command center, decontamination area, compressor, turnout gear extractor, gender specific sleeping and bathing facilities, a contaminated storage area, an exhaust (fume) removal system, ventilated fire gear storage, emergency power back-up, and new emergency generators. The current storage space is in the attic, which is against code. 

Why can’t we repair the current Fire Station 1?

There are extensive issues with our deteriorating 45-year-old building. Repair of the existing structure is not financially responsible nor is it feasible within an acceptable time frame or budget. There are several large repairs that come with a high price tag. Repairs to only those posing immediate safety concerns would conservatively cost over $300,000. Even if vital repairs are made, a lack of sufficient meeting space, storage space, a decontamination area, a command center, ADA compliance and equipment issues still will not be addressed.

Necessary repairs estimates:

  • Roof replacement ($30,000)

  • Interior ceiling repair ($10,000)

  • Door and frame replacements ($20,000)

  • Base repair, interior and exterior components throughout ($50,000)

  • Exterior asphalt removal, reshape, replace concrete ($50,000)

  • Interior trench drain, remove and replace concrete ($50,000)

  • Steel column reinforcement ($100,000)

How many firefighters are assigned to each station?

Currently 39 firefighters. Previously we had 26 personnel. We are growing out of our current space.


Will the construction of the fire station provide living space?

The new construction project for this station would provide gender specific sleeping and bathing facilities, in addition to a room for volunteers, that will also serve as a crisis center during power outages, storms, and other emergencies.


How much will the total project cost and what does the cost include?
The cost of the main fire station includes design, permitting, construction, improvements, construction management fees, inspections, bond issuance costs, certain equipment and contingency/inflation costs. The total authorized borrowing for the fire station project is not to exceed $4,000,000.

Why now?
Call volume has increased. The current call volume demands that personnel travel between 4 stations. It’s inefficient to travel to different stations for the necessary equipment. This results in time delays for emergencies.


EMS: 14% increase in call volume

Fire emergencies: 66% increase in call volume

Attend an informational meeting at Fire Station 1

October 29th, 6:00pm

5621 Town Hall Road

Delavan, Wisconsin


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