2019 Delavan Town Boat Launch

Delavan Lake Boating Regulations - Town of Delavan

  • Slow – no wake zones: entire waters of Inlet and Outlet; west bay areas of lake; and areas from shore to 200 ft around entire lake

  • “Slow – no wake” is speed at which boat moves as slowly as possible while still maintaining steering control

  • “Slow – no wake” is between sunset and sunrise

  • Ski only in traffic lane: no more than 2 tow lines per boat

  • No more than one person per line

  • No intoxicated persons allowed on boat

  • Negligent water craft operations is prohibited

  • No littering

  • Boats shall comply with manufacturers rating for people and motors

  • No mooring or anchoring overnight without permit

  • No anchoring or mooring in swim areas; public beaches; or landings

  • No swimmers, snorkelers, or skin divers in traffic lanes without a boat, life buoy, or able observer

  • Traffic lane is surface of lake 200 ft from shore

2019 Community Park - Town of Delavan Boat Launch Regulations

  • All boats must be “prepped and ready” to launch when entering launching area

  • Prep boats in area marked or designated by park personnel

  • Boat lot for trailer parking only, no autos

  • “Dock master” will direct boaters on what ramp to use for launching and exiting lake. If dock master is not present follow pier signage.

  • Launching: move your boat to end of pier to allow for another boat to launch

  • Exiting: move your boat to the first orange post on pier to allow another boat to exit lake

  • When “exiting” you must be at pier for trailer pickup no moving off pier and sitting in lake.

  • No bait, bathroom, or boat rider tie ups on piers are allowed, “touch and go” only for above.

  • No fishing or swimming allowed off or near ramp piers

  • Maximum of 10 minutes allowed at piers if mechanical problems. After this time period boat must be removed from launch area

  • Inlet/Outlet are both a “no wake” zone

  • Be sure to remove all weeds and zebra mussels from equipment, trailer, and boat before leaving park. See “clean boats/clean waters” cleaning stands on outbound roadway

  • Place all bait waste in designated barrels.


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