Delavan Lake Watershed Action

Delavan Lake Watershed Action Items

January 2019

1. Funding and prioritization of Watershed BMPs as outlined in the Delavan Lake Watershed Improvement Plan. a. Current project: Community Park Waterway phase 1– Project underway with low bidder (Odling Construction) b. Next project: Community Park Waterway phase 2 – Grant application due by February 2. c. Possible upcoming projects: i. Ditch improvement along 3439 South Shore Drive ii. Ditch clean up and water flow near American Marine iii. Inlet bank erosion and stream stabilization

2. Pellet Applications a. Browns Channel 2019 – recommendation needed by committee b. Delavan Lake Inlet – recommendation needed by committee c. Delavan Lake Outlet – recommendation needed by committee d. Other application areas – recommendation needed by committee

3. Water Quality Monitoring – proposal from USGS – recommendation needed by committee

4. Property Owner and Lake User Education a. Continued update and promotion b. Cooperation with DLSD and DLIA on education opportunities

5. Rough Fish Management a. Muskie stocking – options and recommendations needed b. Rough fish removal – options and recommendations needed

6. New Water Treatment Technologies a. Exploration of the use of flock logs and other new technology

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